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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2006|10:47 am]
PoA Craziness

ultimatexbeauty - Join, get rated, have fun!

Community pimpage, y'all.
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2005|09:49 pm]
PoA Craziness

Nili: *is leaving EVERYONE*
Lav: Well, 'cept me 'cause of my poem writing skillllllllz
Sarah: You both can't leave. Who will be my slaves wives?
Nili: Wife THIS!
Lav: Wife your FACE!
Jill: Wife your MOM!
Kefer: Whose mom?
Sarah: I'm in paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
Lav: *does her slave wifely duties and massages the foot*
Sarah: Saaaaank yoooooooou. Get me stuff.
Lav: *arranges a pulley system*
Sarah/Lav Shippers: She made a pulley system! YUS!
Lav: Dude...we're MARRIED
Lav/Nili Shippers: W...TF? Lav and Nili were SO MEANT TO BE! This is just a ruse! A ruse, I tell you!
Nili: ....I think I could be married to Lav...and not know it, what with all the marriages.
Lav: It could be true. Except I know I'm the only monogomos (monogamos...monogomas...monogomous...how the feesh is it spelled?) one in the chat.
Nili: Right, right.
Jill and Sarah: *Make up ridiculous rules why Nili can't leave*
Lav: *laughs at them*
Sarah: *is still on an icon binge...probably*
Lav: *is not good at this, and stops*
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2005|10:23 pm]
PoA Craziness


Ha... this is a POA I made about Silva Harpstring's roleplaying site, making fun of everyone. But they LOVED it.

POA about insulting half a roleplaying site... <.<Collapse )

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The Wedding of MooZ [Jun. 8th, 2005|12:27 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Listening To : |"Save Me" by Unwritten Law]

Wow this was really really really long...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2005|01:27 pm]
PoA Craziness

Jill: *is bored*
Kefer: Then... make a POA?
Jill: ...isn't that what I am doing?
Kefer: Shaddup?
Nili: I'm hungry... who should I eat?
Jill: *doesn't volunteer*
Erika: *doesn't volunteer*
Sarah: *doesn't volunteer*
Aud: *threatens Nili*
Nili: Hokay. Not Aud...
Risa: *doesn't volunteer*
Kefer: *volunteers Erika*
Erika: Wha...?
Erika's Sentence: *never gets finished*
Nili: *eats Erika*
Kefer: MUHA.
Jaime: What...?
Kefer: Nothing... *shifty*
Jill: Score! I didn't get eaten.
Nili: *eats Jill anyway*
Jill: Wah... Why am I always eaten?
Nili: Be... cause?
Sarah: DOTS! *twitches* Must... resist... eating...
Sarah's diet: Reeeeeeesist. Reeeeeesist.
Sarah: *eats all the dots anyway*
Everyone: *face palm*
Lav: Who saw that diet lasting anyway?
Jill: *concludes this POA was boring and not funny and pointless, but posts it anyway because she is really really really bored*
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2005|04:54 am]
PoA Craziness

[:: Listening To : |"They" by Jem]

Risa: *can't sleep*
PoA Community: *prepares to be molested*
Risa: Wah ha ha. *runs around looking for people*
Everyone: *is in bed, like NORMAL PEOPLE are wont to do this time of day*
Pillows: We feel SO unloved.
Blankets: Yeah well at least you're all nice and neat, not bunched up and shoved over onto one side of the bed.
Nili: Your bed...is arguing with itself.
Risa: I thought you were asleep.
Nili: I am. You only put me in here because you can't give all the dialogue to your dumb pillows.
Blankets: HellOOOOOO.
Aud: *signs on suddenly*
Risa: *runs and hides*
Aud: ...WTF are you doing up?
Risa: Um...I could ask YOU the same question!
Aud: ...it's not five in the morning over here.
Risa: ...shaddap?
Blankets: You pillows are such babies. >>>:|
Pillows/Blankets Shippers: MTB!
Groggy People Who Have Just Woken Up: MTB...? Llamawhut?
Llama: Whut?
Sarah's Inner Grammar Nazi: *eats the u and replaces it with an a*
Lav: ...now my icon doesn't make sense.
Sarah's Inner Grammar Nazi: Oops...?
Lav: ... *kicks the Grammar Nazi*
Risa: *hears her mom getting up for the day*
Risa: *runs...into a doorknob* OW.
Risa's Mom: ...WTF are you doing up?
Risa: Laundry?
Risa's Mom: Oh okay. *makes coffee*
Coffee: *leers at Risa*
Risa: o.o; You've been talking to the espresso, haven't you?!
Coffee: *cackles*
Espresso: PWN3D!

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2005|08:40 am]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: *in Ottawa. Currently: HOMG SO TIRED!*
Nili: *supposedly didn't get good enough marks so has a block*
Kefer: *pouts*
Nili: *runs into a wall*
Kefer: *snickers because it reminds him of when he used to run into cactuses all the time*
Risa: *starts downloading a song*
Sarah: *does something pervy*
Kefer: Why... doesn't that surprise me?
Sarah: If it does, then... you're... you're... A KEFER
Kefer: ...my name... to myself... is not an insult.
Kefer: ...so?
Sarah: WTF? Why did you '..so?' yourself?
Kefer: 'Cause it was fun?
Kefer: Dear God, not again. PLEASEEEEEEEEe
Paz: *does something random to get attention*
Kefer: *forgets to take the ignore off*
Kefer: O.O .....Do I even WANT to know what is so perverted that you had to yell it out at this random time and place?
Nili: ...mebbe?
Kefer: *sweat drop* Life sucks.
Sarah: *kicks Kefer*
Nili: *eats Sarah*
Kefer: o.o
A c H i K a 3 Enters the room
Aud: o.o;
Kefer: *eats Aud affectionatly*
Everyone: O.O;;;;;;;;;;
Aud: O.O;
Nili: I thought SARAH was the pervy one.
Kefer: ...sorry?
Risa: *after 20 minutes, finally downloaded one song. But its the wrong one*
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2005|10:29 am]
PoA Craziness
Risa: *Looks at llama*
Llama: *Looks at Risa*
Risa: *Looks at llama*
Llama: *Looks at Risa*
Risa: *Looks at llama*
Llama: *Llama-keeks Risa*
Sarah: "Oh Rio, Rio, dance across the Rio GRRAANNNDDD!"
Red: " ........"
Lav: *Pees a little when she giggles*
Risa: "........"
Red: O.O
Everyone else: O.o
Llama: "Llama?"
Red: "What?"
Nili: *Streaks across the panel nakedly*
Lav: "She's gonna give herself a concussion like that....."
Sarah: " Do you really want to hurttt meee; do you really want to make me cryyyy?"
Naty: *facepalm*
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2005|01:30 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Listening To : |Fallin' Out Of Love ~ Reba McEntire]

Kefer: *kills LJ*
LJ: *changes to another server and doesn't die*
Six-Apart: *buys LJ*
LJ: *dies*
Kefer: O.O
Kefer: Double you tee eff is with the random letter pushes?
Nili: ANGER!
Kefer: .. .
Nili: MOE! *molesteats*
Jill: FEFER!
Erika: FEEFER!
Kefer: *eats the first F and replaces it with a K*
Sarah: HOMG! Its Harry. In a bottle.
Kefer: *sweatdrop*
LJ: *ish stupid*
Six-Apart: *is making conspiracy plans to make all LJ users have to pay for their use like their stoopid blog tool on their own site which is stupid. Its like LJ on crack*
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Ssssssssssa [Mar. 10th, 2005|06:57 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |sillysilly]
[:: Listening To : |CSI noises]

Paz: *is in like... NO PoAs*
Nili: Mebbe... cause jor never here?
Paz: Sssssssssssssssa
Sarah: Choo hissing at?
InuKai FanFics: *are rubbing off on Paz*
Paz: *is rubbed off on* Ewww

Sarah: *quotes old PoAs*
Everyone: *laughs*
No one: ...

Aud: *lurks in the shadow*
Shadows: *are lurked in*
Nili: *laughs* Oh wait--
Sarah: o.o Pervy!

Nili: ... *digs up an old PoA*
Sarah: *is lost*
Nili: *giffs map*1
Sarah: One!
Nili: Way!
Paz: *shifteh neenja eyes*
ShiftyNeenjaEyes: *ish Sarah's sn*
Sarah: *thwacks Paz*
Paz: Ow?
Sarah: Shaddup, ok? Joo gunna give it away to ym stalkers?
Sarah's stalkers: *already KNOW her sn*
Risa: <.<
Nili: >.>
Paz: *eye roll*
Sarah: Seeeeee Esssss Eyeeeeeeee
Paz: Eeeeeeeeeeee Areee
Sarah: Kraft DINNER
Paz: Shaddup, ok?
Sarah: No?
Paz: Hai?
Sarah: Lie.
Paz: Si
Sarah: Nein
Paz: Oui
Sarah: nacht... which means night
Paz: *won*
Nili: o.o;;;
Sarah: *tells vampire stories*
Nili: *dies... from the chat*
Erika: *is signed on but AWOL*
Sarah: O.O
Paz: ... Situation Normal: All Fu.cked up...?
Sarah: *thinks she's God*
Paz: Fool
Aud: *has a hangover*
Risa: *appears* Hallo
Sarah: My cousin Julia, adopted an otter for her boyfriend, and named it Harry P. Get it? Harry P. Otter?
Paz: *has heard the story three times*
Nili: *watches illegal moobie*
Sarah: O.O; Bad Nili!
Nili: It was all ym braja
Paz: *sneezes*
Sarah: SMEX!
Paz: <.< >.>
Everyone: *tries to look at Paz's computer*
Teh smut: *magically disappears*
Paz: Um... what smut?
No one: *believes Paz is telling the truth*
Paz: Ssssssssssa

Julie and Erika: *sign on together*
Erika: *camps out on Nili's head*
Paz: Oi
PoA: *is my first*
Silence: *prevails*
Paz: Ssssssssssssa
PoA: *ends unbookedly*
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2005|11:17 pm]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: *full of energy; wanting to do stuff*
Nili: *disappears all the time*
Jaime: ...what?
Sarah: No one said anything.
Jaime: ...what?
Sarah: Joo have issues!
Nili: *spooky hand motions*
Sarah: *sweatdrop*
Jill: ...
Kefer: . . .
Sarah: OoOoOo Spacey dots!
Kefer: *eats the dots*
Kefer: o.o You said nothing.
Risa: ...So?
Kefer: Rocker?
Risa: *sekretly* You know where it is?
Sarah: *eats a taco*
Kefer: Yeah, some Chinese guy off the stree--I mean the Chinese government told me *shifty*
Risa: ;
Kefer: Delayed sweat? *hands a delayed towel*
Nili: *eats the towel* I'm hungry.
Jill and Sarah: Eat something then.
Nili: Who?
Jill: Not me! Kefer?
Nili: *eats Kefer before he can defend himself*
Kefer: O.O;; *is eaten*
Aud: NILI!
Nili: ^.^
Aud: Awww *pets*
Kefer: O.O HELLLLO?!
Nili: Shaddup
Kefer: *steals Erika's knife and cuts a hole in Nili's stomach and walks out*
Nili: *somehow magically recovers and eats ice cream* I ice cream ice cream
Kefer: That sounds... SO wrong!
Nili: You know what else is SO wrong?
Risa: =3?
Nili: O.O *dies* PERVY!
Kefer: *backs away slowly*
Sarah: P|-|34R T3|-| N33NJ45
Kefer: Oi! Only I can say that. And you said it wrong.
Sarah: So?
Kefer: PH34R T3H K3F3R N1NJ45!
Sarah: *ph34rs*
Kefer: Don't humour me
Jaime: *late* Humor him.
Kefer: Dude... use a u
Jaime: ...what?
Kefer: *falls to the ground*
Nili: *pokes*
Kefer: *dead*
Nili: He's not dead!
Aud: Not anymore! *spooky hand motions*
Kefer: *ALIVE*
Nili: Darn. Now I can't eat him dead. *pours hot sauce and pepper on Kefer* *eats*
Aud: NILI!
Nili: ^.^
Aud: Awww *pets*
Kefer: Why does this seem so familiar?
Nili: WTF! You must be dreaming.
Kefer: Yeah, sure*
Nili (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Sarah(9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Risa (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Aud (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Kefer: Uhh... *hands Lav some doots*
Lav: *eats the doots*
Kefer: LAGLY!
Kefer: I meant Lavly... It had nothing to do with lag actually...
Lav: I meant Kefer... it had nothing to do with a keg actually...
Kefer: ;
"Random Guy: |-|3|_P |\/|3
Air attendent: Does anyone speak l33t?
Largo: j0!"****
Nili: 4 JANEL'S?
Kefer: No, it means that I have to explain it at the end of this PoA.
Nili: Can we end it?
Kefer: Sure!
Iou: *still on the phone from two Kefer entries ago* Hello?

**** =Collapse )
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Nyaa! [Mar. 4th, 2005|01:18 am]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |amusedKeekeekee]
[:: Listening To : |"Everlong" by Foo Fighters]

PoA Community: *is dominated by Nili*
Everyone: o.o;;;
Sarah: Sekrit...
Lav: Dominashun...
Sarah: >.>
Lav: <.<
Nili: ...Y'all. Are such. FREAKS.
Risa: *snorts*
Erika-pii: *snorts*
Risa: o.o
Erika-pii: o.o
Risa: Stop that!
Erika-pii: Sarika strikes again!
Everyone: ....
Erika-pii: I mean...Risika. >.>
Sarah & Risa: Yeah yeah, we know, we're like one entity.
Nili: o.o;
Kefer: . . .
Risa: Spacey dots!
Kefer: I like my dots spacey.
Jilly: *does too*
Sarah: *whirrs*
Everyone: O.o
Risa: Maybe we shouldn't talk about dots in front of Sarah...
Aud: *yawns* Why not?
Risa: She's in elipses therapy.
Aud: .....
Sarah: Dooooooooooooooooooooooooots.........
Nili: *eats the dots*
Sarah: Hey..
Risa: o.o
Sarah: Uh. +.
Jules: Hang in there Sarah.
Lav: You'll be making proper elipses in no time.
Sarah: Really..?
Nili: *facepalm*
Jules: Wow you haven't done that in a while.
Nili: Yeah well I figured the desk deserved a break.
Lian: ....okay...I'm gonna go watch Wolf's Rain now.
Wails: *resound*
Sarah: *stuffs a cookie in Risa's mouth to shut her up*
Risa: Mmmm...
Everyone: YAY SARAH!
Risa: Tch...
Jaime: Can I have a cookie too?
Sarah: Whyfore?
Jaime: Um...I got my driver's license!
Sarah: Oh yeah...YAAAAAAAY!!!! *bounces and giffs cookies*
Jamesy: Bouncing??? Girls???
Everyone: ...
Jamesy: <.< >.> *vamooses*
Vamoose: *sounds like a word Lav would use*
Lav: How do you know?
Risa: Um...I dunno...you use Mang don't you?
Lav: Mang! I made him what he is!
Mang: *sneaks off with Sarah's slutty muse*
Risa: Jebus...is there anyone that muse WON'T run off with?
Sarah: <.< >.>
Risa: *eyeroll*
Risa's New Mad Eye: *whirrs around wildly*
Nili: *gets dizzy*
PoA: *gets dizzy too*
Risa: Maybe I should put this one to rest now...
Sarah: *practices her dots in a corner* 1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3...
Nili: *bites a radnom person*
Pazzy: OWWW!!!
Risa: *can't think of how to end the time-killing PoA*
Jaime: *is too busy running down old men in her car to say the closing line this time*
Risa: *has Jamesy end it and goes to clean her eye*
Jamesy: "'Yahtzee!' And the mouse ate the cheese, and that was enough."
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2005|01:40 pm]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: *bored*
Jill: *bored*
Iou: *using photoshop*
Dementors: *making funny noises in an empty chatroom*
Kefer: *yawns*
Jill: So...
Kefer: So...
Jill: Bored Much?
Kefer: Yes
Jill: Me too...
Kefer: I need food
Jill: You always need food.
Kefer: So?
Jill: You going to keep eating and eating till you a splode.
Kefer: ...yeahokwhatever
Jill: *calls the bored police*
Operator: Hey!
Jill: ...hi?
Operator: Whatcha want?
Kefer: *steals away the phone*
Operator: Hello?
Kefer: Yes, I'd like a Large Pizza, with extra cheese and pepperoni
Operator: *sweatdrop*
Kefer: How long will it take and how much?
Operator: 6 days, and $500
Kefer: Won't the pizza be cold by then?
Operator: If its there any earlier, you get it free.
Kefer: *sweatdrop*
Operator: So, where would you like me to send this pizza?
Kefer: 1234 Youraloser Lane
Operator: Ok, see you in 6 days.
Kefer: *hangs up* I thought that was supposed to be the bored police...
Operator: I was...
Jill: O.O How did you do that?
Operator: I've been here the whole time.
Operator: You should know who I am though. You have talked to me 3897984650984650983459847365987346528713010856 times before.
Sky: *squints eyes* Oh... uhh *doesn't see a difference* Kefer?
Kefer: Yes Sky... its me! *eye roll*
Kefer: *sweatdrop*
Sky: *becomes like a tree and leafs*
Iou: So, where is my $500?
Iou: Duh... Haven't we been through this?
Kefer: O.O;;;;;;; *dies*
Iou: Oops?
Jill: *steals Sky's shovel and begins to dig a hole*
Iou: *pokes Kefer*
Kefer: *is ALIVE*
Jill: *throws the shovel at Kefer*
Kefer: *dies*
Jill: *keeps digging*
Iou: *pokes Kefer again*
Kefer: *keeks Jill*
Jill: Aren't you dead?
Kefer: ...no?
Jill: Oh, ok.
Kefer: Muahahaha!
Jill: O.O
Iou: *keeps using photoshop*
Kefer: *pokes Iou*
Jill: *pokes Kefer*
PoA: *ends*
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2005|03:33 pm]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: MNI...
Nili: Uhh... Muha?
Kefer: Muha, Mooooooha Moooha, Muha?
Nili: No?
Nili: *adds a K*
Kefer: You know what... Shut up Skylark.
Sky: But I... I... Ah to hell with it.
Kefer: *snickers*
Kefer: O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Kefer: *death from laughter*
Nili: You didn't just double speak did you?
Kefer: Muha Mooha?
Nili: WTF?!
Kefer: You like Harpy! Neener!
Sarah: *snerks*
Kefer: *is stuck under the mistletoe*
Nili: *prances off to get Eileen*
Naty: *cheats on Kefer*
Chip: *has sexual intercourse with Naty*
Paz and Sarah: ehat?
Paz: *lends Kefer an e-hat*
Kefer: *eats e-hat* Muha?
Nili: Stop stealing mah word!
Kefer: Cookie?
Nili: o.o;;;;
Kefer: Kitty says Hi Nili... Actually he says meow, but meh!
Jaime: ...what?
Tartar: JAIME SAID IT! CALL 119!
Tartar/119 Shippers: *call 118*
Iou: This is 118, How may I help you...
Nili: O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; *steals phone* Iou... You're working at 118?
Iou: Uhh... No?
Kefer: *jumps through the phone and huggles Iou* Don't worry, I still love you!
Iou: haha! Yay! *huggles back*
Nili: *cries* What about... *is attacked by scene change* HEY!
Risa: HI!
Kefer: *thwacks Risa* *shifty neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenja eyes* It was Risa.
Risa: Ok!
Kefer: *is safe*
Nili: WTF! How cooooood Risa thwack herself?
Kefer: *elbows Nili* Shhhhhhhhh
Paz: Ninj4s!
Kefer: O.O PH34R D4 K3F3R N1NJ4S
Kefer: Heh.
Paz: *takes e-hat back*
Kefer: *cries*
Kefer: *thwacks Paz* *shifty neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenja eyes* It was Risa!
Risa: Pfft.
Kefer: Look whose talking Spammer!
Nili: So...
Kefer: You so are! Cookie?
Nili: O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIE!
Iou: *taps phone* Hello, is anybody here?
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2004|12:38 am]
PoA Craziness

Naty: *makes a pointless spam as its bored!*
Bored: *has taken over Natys BRAIN!!*
Sarah: I'm hungeh!
Food: *hides in fear of being eaten*
Kefer: *runs in* CONSPIRACYYYYYYYY!!!!
Nili: Dude...your still doing that
Kefer: No...I was made too *sheeefty neeenja eyes*
Neeeenja eyes: *are shefty*
Sarah: *gets food and eats at parents ouse*
Sarah's parents computer: *criens from lack of aim*
Sarah: *stares*
Everyone: *misses Sarahs witty comments
Poa/Everyone shippers: OMG LIKE THE BEST!!!OMG!!!WTF!!!!111!!! *orgasms and dies*
Everyone: *stares*
People: *blink*
Risa: MOOSE!!
Kefer: *Shifteh niiinja eyes*
Naty: *types random crap while taking breaks to paint nails*
Nails: *are painted preeteh colours*
Nail varnish: *dries*
Naty: *gets bored again*
Bored worshippers: *bow and pray* Ohh YEAH OUR GOOOD!
God: *kicks bored* Woah Fo shinzet there mah pple *does some gangsta rappin*
Gangstars: *hang head in shame at the baaad gangsta*
Poa: *has gone off topic*
Naty: *is bored*
Jaime.:...*dialls 119*
IOU: *still works there and ignores call*
Jaime: Duuude!
James: *ish hungeh*
Sarah: *nags about eating pizza*
Nili: *calls ze pizza place in canada! and orders*
Pizza place: *picks up phone* Duude too far pffft to deliver!
Nili: ..w..t...f...Ish that you Tarty
Tarty: Yesh and its Julia when I'm working beech
Nili: >.> <.<
Naty: Dude!
Dude: Naty!
Naty: Dude!
Naty....dude ...!!
Nili: STOP!!!
James: *ish still hungeh*
Pizza place: *ish crap*
Poa: *ish bloody long!*
Naty: *ends and posts it in poa-ness lj thingeh as thinks its an ok poa*
Poa: DUDE!
Naty: POA!
Dude: POA!
poa:....*walks off*
Jaime: ...*stares* Hey the poa can't walk
Sarah: *snerks* Pfft....It can now
Naty: *just saw that flash*
Jaime: dude do you like live in the stone age
Naty: ehh nah
Jaime: Pffft ok then
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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2004|01:11 am]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: Hi, I'm Kefer...
Random Person: That's nice
Kefer: WTF! You just asked didn't you?
Kefer: *eyebrow raise*
Paz: :p
Fleury: LMAOWK
Kefer: *bites Nili*
Nili: Oww!
Fleury: Rabies?
Kefer: Ray-B's? Is that some sort of band... that plays... music?
Kefer: *eyebrow raise* heh
Naty: Urg! Not 'heh' again
Kefer: :p
Goose: How did I get here?
Kefer: As the author of this, I forbid you to use OMGWTF... in this entry.
Nili: Muha?
Kefer: *eye roll*
Jaime: *ish like, gone dude*
Tartar: *ish like, gone dood*
Nili-throwing-her-voice-to-sound-like-Kefer: OMGWTFCONSPIRICY!
Kefer: WTF!
Nili: *keels Kefer with her ebilness*
Kefer: *ish dead*
Lavly: *makes a CD*
Naty: You keeled Kefer?
Nili: <.< >.> No?
Naty: Ok!
Nili: *ebil smirk*
Sarah: *finds all Kefer's NC-17 Manga hidden under the Girls Dorms* WTF?
Haven-who-hasn't-shown-up-in-this-ever: That is getting rather annoying...
Nili: O.O HAVEN! *tackles*
Haven: Umm... yeah. *pokes dead Kefer*
Naty: *dances around, throwing SPAM at people*
Harpy: *ish evil*
Sarah: *ish hired to keel Harpy*
Nili, Fleury, Jill: YAY!
Jill: What happened to Kefer?
Nili: I... don't know?
Jill: Ok.
Jaime: So... Soap Opera's weren't on Wednesday and Thursday.
Tartar: Was so. Just not new ones.
Jaime: How do you know that?
Tartar: Its called the channel-flipper.
Nili: Don't you mean the converter
Tartar: *sweatdrop*
Nili: *facepalm*
Everyone in the world: *helps Sarah keel Harpy*
Nili: O.O
Kira: *makes cooookies for Kefer* Where's Kefie?
Nili: Umm... eat...ing? *sweat drop*
Kira: *eyebrow raise* Ok.
Nili: *safe again*
Kefer: Nili, you silly goose.
Nili: O.O OMGWTFKEFERISALIVE?! How long have you been alive?
Kefer: This whole time. Oh, and by the way, you killed Haven.
Haven: *dead*
Harpy: *dead*
Kefer: *alive*
Nili: O.O
Iou: *loves her Kefie*
Kefer: *loves his Iou*
Tweety: *facepalms at stupidity of the entry*
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>.>...<.<.. [Nov. 22nd, 2004|10:08 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |contentcontent]
[:: Listening To : |*watching CSI*]

Sarah: *has to pee*
Everyone: Then gooooooooo!
Sarah: o.o;
Risa: *snerks*
Nili: *ish restless*
Risa: Pfft..
Jamesy: *curses some dumb-write-copy-non-downloady-thing*
Risa: But I used him FIRST!
Naty: *giffs everyone cookies*
Sarah: *munches happily*
Nili: *rolls her eyes*
Eyes: *roll*
MNI: *ish almost ready-perhaps-will-be-done-this-millenia*
Grissom: *should date Sarah Sidle*
Kefer: Dude...why does Grissom get a line and I don't?
Sarah: ...you just got a line..and I'm watching CSI..so...shh..
Paz: CSI!! Stalker!
Sarah: o.o;
Risa: ...oro?
Jaime: ..what?
Nili: Yay! You said your line!!
Jaime: Oh snap?
PoA: *ish ended prematurely*
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|12:10 am]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |contemplativecontemplative]
[:: Listening To : |"I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)" by The Used]

Risa: *yawwwwwwwwwwwwwns*
Sarah: ...WTF are you still doing up?
Nili: Pfft, go to bed, llama!
Risa: *ish a llama* Mooha?
Risa's Dad: *left the sunroof on the car open*
Rain: Target acquired!
Jaime: Oh snap!
Risa: I was just about to say that...
Sarah: OOooOOOoOOOoooOo...
X-Files Theme: *gets a line* Wooooooooooooo!
Nili: W...tf?
Risa: *shrugs* Don't look at me, Sarah's the one who OOoOOOooOOoOOooo-ed.
Sarah: <.<......>.>
Jaime: Where's my shoe?
Tartar: *hands it to Jaime*
Risa: *blinks*
Nili: Hm, come to think of it, the shippers have disappeared lately...
Risa: Dude. EVERYONE'S disappeared lately.
Sarah: Yeah well that includes you.
Risa: <.<......>.>
Lav: *has lefted us for two days*
Jamesy: O.o
Nili: ...*eats one of the neeners*
Risa: O.O;;;
Nili: Mmm...tastes like llama.
Sarah: Llama llama cheesecake llama!
Jaime: I like the fuzzy one...
Sarah: Mmm...cheesecake...
Risa: So focused...
Sarah: ...ehat?
Jaime: MY LI--wait, is it still my line if it's ehat instead of what?
Everyone: *shrugs*
Sarah: *is tempted to chew on the walls* So...hungeeee...
Risa: =3
Sarah: Ki ki face!
Risa and Sarah: ...
Nili: <.<......>.> Don't tell me you don't see that...
Risa: Tch. It's a friggin ki ki, ya perverted freak.
Egypt: *gets sick of Nili*
Risa: ...did you just admit you were a freak?
Nili: o.o;
Nili: <.<......>.>
Nili: Nooooooo....
Risa: See, even in PoA you use the shifty eyes more than anyone else.
Nili: CRAP!
Jaime: *is still busy with her shoe* Hey, it was a long day at work...
Sarah: *nibbles the wall* Ew, stucco...
Tartar: *wonders why she hangs out with such freaks*
Nili: o.o;
Risa: Freeeeeeeeeeeeze face!
Nili: <.<......>.>
Sarah: Ha! Joo did eet again!
Nili: CRAP!
Risa: AHahAHahAH!
AHahAHahAH: Dammit, stop stealing me from PoA!
Risa: Ah shaddap. Least I give you work!
AHahAHahAH: *actually has more than one line, WTF* This is true...um, will that be all, miss?
Risa: No, one more thing...
Sarah: *eats the AHahAHahAH*
Risa: Hehehe...whiny beetch.
Sarah: *burps*
Everyone: ExCUSE you!
Sarah: *ish excused* Hey thanks.
Everyone: ...pfft.
PoA: *ish uberfully long, 'specially for Risa*
Jaime: ...
Risa: ...Ahem...
Jaime: *blank*
Risa: *prods Jaime*
Jaime: Wha?
Nili: Say your line, beach!
Jaime: Oh. Um."...what?"
Nili: *facepalm*
Tartar: Not THAT line, your other one.
Jaime: Oh. Um...."I'm not perverted"?
Risa: That's Nili's line...
Sarah: YOUR line, Jaime. You know, the one that ends Risa's dumb PoA entries.
Jaime: Oh. Um...."Oh snap!"
PoA Entry: *ends*
Everyone: *cheers*
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2004|09:11 pm]
PoA Craziness

Jill: *is UBER happy Red Sox won*
Kefer: ...What's baseball?
Jaime: Dude. Baseball rocks.
Sarah: Does Kansas have a team?
Jaime: ...What?
Nili: Jaime, go to sleep...
Jill: *tackles everyone* THEY ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!
Risa: *Kills Caps*
Sarah: ...So?
Jaime: Dude, I KNOW. Red Sox are good... After the Mariners...
Kefer: ...Baseball? ... So, how 'bout them Maple Leafs?
Nili: The what?
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2004|11:44 pm]
PoA Craziness

Jill: *is ready to kill Yankees*
Jaime: I want to help!
Sarah: Are you duct taping them again?
Lav: *Points and laughs and Jill* Yankees are winning...
Jill: ...be quiet. *sulks*
Nili: So...
Jaime: ...what?
Jill: Dude, that's my li- oh, wait... That's your line.
Kefer: *pokes in from no where*
Jill: *is now bored because she is too depressed to watch any more of Game 3*
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2004|10:37 pm]
PoA Craziness

Lav: :: Is bad at this ::
Lav: Whatev...:: Plays Monopoly with Red ::
Monopoly: I am the BEST game.
Nascar: :: is making SNL be on later ::
Lav: .....wtf?
Yankees: :: Win ::
Lav: :: Is happy ::
The Wild: Hockey is being messed up...I don't know why...Actually, Lav doesn't, but WE do
Lav: ....wtf?
Pitchforks: :: Are still around ::
Marshmallows: :: Are not ::
Pat Wheelock: :: is on the news ::
Lav: :: doesn't know her ::
Hockey Sticks: :: Make hockey stick noises ::
News Guy: :: talks about hockey ::
Lav: :: watches the Yankees vs. Red Sox ::
Spike: .....
Lav: :: Stops :: I'm just too bad.
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2004|01:01 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Listening To : |Nada, I need to go have a shower.]

Sarah: *remembers the pitchforks from the v.v.v.v.v.v.v. old Besaid PoA*
Risa: *ish surprised*
Nili-chan: ..what?
Jaime: That's MY line! And you forgot a period!
Everyone: ...
Risa-chan: *ish getting a mani/pedi*
Sarah: *ish jealous*
Risa: Hahahahaha!!
Sarah: *thwacks*
Risa: Ow...
Sarah: I'm sorry my love..*huggles*
Sarah/Risa Shippers: Mea--...*run at the manic glint in the Sarah/Spek Shipper's eyes*
Sarah/Spek Shippers: Mooha.
Sarah: ...that's MAH word..
Sarah/Spek Shippers: We're on your side...can't we use it?
Sarah: ...I guess so..
Spek: *ish asleep*
Nili-chan: *molested Sarah's away..and ate Risa's away and blamed it on Sarah*
Risa-chan: *ish not that easily fooled*
Nili-chan: Blast and damnation..
Sara: ...I uh...that's something I would say..
Risa-chan: *points out Sarah just spelt her OWN name wrong*
Sarah: *just woke up* What MORE do you want from me!!! *growls*
Spek: *growls too*
Risa-chan: *backs away slowly and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuns*
Spek: Wow, this is getting easier...
Sarah/Spek Shippers: Where've you been?
Spek: Working?
Sarah/Spek Shippers: ...fair enough..
Jaime: Hey...why aren't I in here?
Sarah: ...you are now.
Jaime: Oh snap!
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Choco-Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! [Oct. 13th, 2004|08:11 am]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |crazyNutters]

Risa: *ish very very stoopid*
Everyone: So what else is new?
Risa: ...shaddap...I pulled an all-nighter for some reason.
All-nighter: *was pulled* Oi!
Risa: *cackles*
Sarah: o.O
Jaime: *ish making out with the shoe*
Nobody: *needed to know that* EWW! TMI!
Risa: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooha. A word of advice - never mix all-nighters with chocolate-laced coffee...especially not twice. <.< >.>
Shifty Eyes: *insinuate bad things against those who use them* HaHAhaHA!
Nili-chan: *has flashbacks of PoA in Fifteen Minutes*
Risa: ...well duh...this is PoA Craziness...
Nili-chan: Muha...
Risa: *steals the Muha and eats it*
Nili-chan: NOOOOOOO!!! My Muha!!!
Risa: *cackles again*
Chat Room With The Twenty O's In The Title: *ish still going*
Jaime, Tartar, and Nili: OMGWTFHORSIEBIRD?! And why aren't Sarah and Lian OMGWTFHORSIEBIRDing with us?
Sarah: We saw the chat this morning, beetches.
Lian: Uh-huh. *thinks about Inuyasha*
Risa: *blinks blearily around*
Risa's Conscious State: *ish failing*
Risa: *passes out in the corner*
Sarah: o.o;
Jaime: Oh snap!
Sarah: <.< >.> *hangs the random sign on Risa's body*
Jaime: Dude..."Oh snap!" is supposed to end the Madness.
Sarah: ..what?
Nili: *facepalm*
Tartar: Tis Jaime's line!
Jaime: OH SNAP!
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2004|10:07 am]
PoA Craziness

Lav: :: Hates homework ::
Homework: :: Cowers ::
Lav: Am I lazy if I want a candy delivery service?
Risa: :: Almost missed the debates ::
Red: :: Fell asleep after watching the debates ::
Lav: :: Taped the debates ::
Bush: :: Said stuff ::
Kerry: :: Said some more stuff ::
Phil: :: Is made fun of ::
Spikey: ...............wtf?
Lav: All about Phil of the Future on ABC Kids.
Spikey:. ......................wtf?
Lav: I can't do this anymore....I'm soooooooooooo bad at this.
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Meh [Oct. 7th, 2004|03:44 pm]
PoA Craziness

Me: *ish here because me was threatened*
Kefer: *threatens*
Me: *cowers, is here*
Random audience person: *laughs*
Random audience member/laughter shippers: YEAH!
Me: 0.o
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2004|08:06 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |hyperhyper]

Time: *has been found*
Tartar: *ish finally on*
All people: *cheer*
Nili: *is probably in Egypt*
Jaime: *is puching people out windows*
Imagination: *is missing at the moment*
PoA-ness: *isn't too good*
Tartar: *will be leaving now*
Some people: *seemed to have been left out*
Tartar: Sorry
Some people: *get angry and throw rocks at Tartar*
Tartar: *is hit and falls out the window*
Death: *comes by and collects Tartar's soul*
Aud: *is pissed that death was called*
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<.< >.> *bites* [Oct. 3rd, 2004|08:24 pm]
PoA Craziness

Kefer: *kills Drama homework*
Tweet: *does most of it*
Lav: *goes for dinner*
Naty: *waits for Lav to come back*
Sarah: *still needs to go pee*
T.V.: You suck!
Kefer: *keels T.V.*
Radio: *ish on Jack FM*
Phone: Bling Ring Riling
Kefer: *answers phone* I listen to Jack
Phone: *isn't Jack FM*
Kefer: Fuck!
Jack FM: $58,000 for the person who answers the phone: I listen to Jack.
Naty: *accidently falls on top of Kefer*
Kefer: *ish dead*
Spikey: *ish banned from Compooper
MSN: *ish stupid right now*
AIM: *ish also stupid*
YIM: *has games*
Kefer: *still sucks at PoA Crazies*
Spikey: <.< >.> *bites*
Kefer: OWW!
Iou: Awww! Lover!
Kefer: *tries to get KefielovesIou@gmail.com*
Kirby: KIRBY!
Kefer: O.o
Gmail: *ish cool spy shyt*
Spymac: *ish actually working for a change*
Kefer: My Spymac
Zaphy: Spazzes out at Kefer because he called her 'his Zaphy'*
Zaphy: I WILL SO!
Kefer: *sigh*
Kefer: *ish hated by everyone*
TGP: *ish lonely*
Kefer: *makes timeline*
Computer: *go poop*
Kefer: *hits Computer*
Computer: *slows down*
Mozilla Firefox: *ish slow, even though it is called the fastest webbrowser out there*
Kefer: *dies* *revives* *70 years later* *dies* *revives* *1030 years later* *dies*
Computer: *Finally loads*
Entry: *was crap*
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Mooha.. [Oct. 3rd, 2004|01:34 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |crushedMooohooha... *sulks*]
[:: Listening To : |Escaflowne -- Yubiwa]

Sarah: *ish awake*
Sarah's Away: *has been molested*
Risa-chan: *molested it*
Jaime: *ish awake too*
Everyone Else: *is not*
Sarah: *wants Spek to wake up so she can install CoH and play*
Everyone: ...what?
Jaime: Hey! That's my line!
Sarah: Are you sure?
Jaime: ...I think so..
Sarah: Yes..but are you SURE..
Jaime: ...I think so..
Sarah's Brother: *MSN'd her telling her to get off the phone...AFTER she was asleep..*
Sarah: o.O ..w..tf?
Sarah's Hamster Remus: *ish being taken to the church animal service*
Sarah: *hopes they do not drown him during baptism..*
Alucard: *ish hot*
Red: ANOTHER random anime guy...
Sarah: Why do you only ever show up when they're mentioned?
Red: ...um..because otherwise I have nothing valid to add to the PoAness.
Sarah: O.o
Jaime: ...what?
Sarah & Red: You said your LINE!
Sarah's Fanfictions: *should get finished*
Risa-chan: *Knows Sarah and knows they never will...*
Sarah: She's right...
Anatomy/Physiology: *mocks Sarah with it's complicatedness*
Madness: *Endeth*
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More Stuff [Oct. 2nd, 2004|11:18 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |lazylazy]

Lav: :: Is SO excited for TEC ::
Everyone: :: Doesn't know what TEC is ::
Alison Feigh: :: Sings beautifully ::
Everyone: :: Doesn't know Alison Feigh ::
Lav: :: Feels sorry for them ::
Lav: :: Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad at this ::
SNL: :: Is on ::
Amy Poehler: :: Is on Weekend Update now ::
Jimmy Fallon: :: Is not ::
Lav: :: Thinks that's good ::
PoA Makers: You suck at this
Lav: :: Hangs head :: I know...
Risa: :: Isn't on ::
Kefer: :: Is maybe doing Auror test ::
Tweet: :: Asked lost of questions ::
Lav: Yes, and I answered them....
Kefer: Le Yay!
Sarah: :: is still away ::
Lav: :: Stops before it gets worse ::
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|06:23 pm]
PoA Craziness

[:: Feeling : |boredBORED as HELL]
[:: Listening To : |Josjie!]

Risa: *is BORED*
Boredom: *is spreading*
Risa's PoA Entry: *will be looooooooooooong*
Everyone: *sits in for a long one*
Risa: Mooha...
Nili: Mooha..
Sarah and Risa: O.O
Sarah and Risa: You said Mooha!
Sarah and Risa: ...
Nili: LIES!!! I said Muha!
Sarah and Risa: *yell at each other* STOP THAT!
Nili: *is ignored* ...
Sarah and Risa: YOU stop it!
Everyone: *is freaked out by the psycho psychic-ness*
Sarah/Risa Shippers: MEANT TO BE!!!
Sarah/Spek Shippers: Dude...no.
Sarah/Risa Shippers: ...yeah you're right. *pack up and leave town*
Risa: *shakes head*
Tartar: *is idle*
Lav: *is not online*
Kefer: *is hiding*
Risa: I wish I had Mexican food...
Jaime: Me too...
Sarah: Me too...
All: ...
Sarah: DOTS! ....are too far away. *lays back down*
Jaime: *also has an ebil compy*
Risa: *thwacks it with a heavy stick*
Jaime's compy: *dies*
Jaime: Oh snap.
Oh Snap: *is a good way to end the Madness*
Madness: *isn't ready to end yet* Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
Risa: Oh alright... *continues the Madness*
Risa: o.o
Risa: Actually, I sold the jar your spirit was in on ebay...
Nili: ...oh...so where's my spirit?
Risa: Er...
Nili: ...what?
Jaime: Tis my line!
Risa: Well actually, not really in this context--
Nili: *thwacks Risa* Back to the subject, please!
Risa: *is thwacked* OW! Biatch...oh yeah, your spirit.
Nili: ...well? Where is it?
Risa: Sarah ate it.
Nili: WHAT?!
Sarah: *burps*
Risa: ^.^;;;
Jaime: Oh snap!
Madness: *ends*
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