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>.>...<.<.. [Nov. 22nd, 2004|10:08 pm]
PoA Craziness


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[:: Listening To : |*watching CSI*]

Sarah: *has to pee*
Everyone: Then gooooooooo!
Sarah: o.o;
Risa: *snerks*
Nili: *ish restless*
Risa: Pfft..
Jamesy: *curses some dumb-write-copy-non-downloady-thing*
Risa: But I used him FIRST!
Naty: *giffs everyone cookies*
Sarah: *munches happily*
Nili: *rolls her eyes*
Eyes: *roll*
MNI: *ish almost ready-perhaps-will-be-done-this-millenia*
Grissom: *should date Sarah Sidle*
Kefer: Dude...why does Grissom get a line and I don't?
Sarah: ...you just got a line..and I'm watching CSI..so...shh..
Paz: CSI!! Stalker!
Sarah: o.o;
Risa: ...oro?
Jaime: ..what?
Nili: Yay! You said your line!!
Jaime: Oh snap?
PoA: *ish ended prematurely*

[User Picture]From: peace_paz
2004-11-22 09:10 pm (UTC)
Paz: *ish in a POA*
CSI Sarah: *doesn't wnat to date Grissom and thinks that he probably has to use Celebrex*
Grissom: ... <.< .... >.>
Paz: Ewwwww....
Sarah: *is too cool for words*
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