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Kefer: *full of energy; wanting to do stuff* Nili: *disappears all… - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
PoA Craziness

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[Mar. 8th, 2005|11:17 pm]
PoA Craziness


Kefer: *full of energy; wanting to do stuff*
Nili: *disappears all the time*
Jaime: ...what?
Sarah: No one said anything.
Jaime: ...what?
Sarah: Joo have issues!
Nili: *spooky hand motions*
Sarah: *sweatdrop*
Jill: ...
Kefer: . . .
Sarah: OoOoOo Spacey dots!
Kefer: *eats the dots*
Kefer: o.o You said nothing.
Risa: ...So?
Kefer: Rocker?
Risa: *sekretly* You know where it is?
Sarah: *eats a taco*
Kefer: Yeah, some Chinese guy off the stree--I mean the Chinese government told me *shifty*
Risa: ;
Kefer: Delayed sweat? *hands a delayed towel*
Nili: *eats the towel* I'm hungry.
Jill and Sarah: Eat something then.
Nili: Who?
Jill: Not me! Kefer?
Nili: *eats Kefer before he can defend himself*
Kefer: O.O;; *is eaten*
Aud: NILI!
Nili: ^.^
Aud: Awww *pets*
Kefer: O.O HELLLLO?!
Nili: Shaddup
Kefer: *steals Erika's knife and cuts a hole in Nili's stomach and walks out*
Nili: *somehow magically recovers and eats ice cream* I ice cream ice cream
Kefer: That sounds... SO wrong!
Nili: You know what else is SO wrong?
Risa: =3?
Nili: O.O *dies* PERVY!
Kefer: *backs away slowly*
Sarah: P|-|34R T3|-| N33NJ45
Kefer: Oi! Only I can say that. And you said it wrong.
Sarah: So?
Kefer: PH34R T3H K3F3R N1NJ45!
Sarah: *ph34rs*
Kefer: Don't humour me
Jaime: *late* Humor him.
Kefer: Dude... use a u
Jaime: ...what?
Kefer: *falls to the ground*
Nili: *pokes*
Kefer: *dead*
Nili: He's not dead!
Aud: Not anymore! *spooky hand motions*
Kefer: *ALIVE*
Nili: Darn. Now I can't eat him dead. *pours hot sauce and pepper on Kefer* *eats*
Aud: NILI!
Nili: ^.^
Aud: Awww *pets*
Kefer: Why does this seem so familiar?
Nili: WTF! You must be dreaming.
Kefer: Yeah, sure*
Nili (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Sarah(9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Risa (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Aud (9:01:01PM): JANEL!
Kefer: Uhh... *hands Lav some doots*
Lav: *eats the doots*
Kefer: LAGLY!
Kefer: I meant Lavly... It had nothing to do with lag actually...
Lav: I meant Kefer... it had nothing to do with a keg actually...
Kefer: ;
"Random Guy: |-|3|_P |\/|3
Air attendent: Does anyone speak l33t?
Largo: j0!"****
Nili: 4 JANEL'S?
Kefer: No, it means that I have to explain it at the end of this PoA.
Nili: Can we end it?
Kefer: Sure!
Iou: *still on the phone from two Kefer entries ago* Hello?