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Ssssssssssa [Mar. 10th, 2005|06:57 pm]
PoA Craziness


[:: Feeling : |sillysilly]
[:: Listening To : |CSI noises]

Paz: *is in like... NO PoAs*
Nili: Mebbe... cause jor never here?
Paz: Sssssssssssssssa
Sarah: Choo hissing at?
InuKai FanFics: *are rubbing off on Paz*
Paz: *is rubbed off on* Ewww

Sarah: *quotes old PoAs*
Everyone: *laughs*
No one: ...

Aud: *lurks in the shadow*
Shadows: *are lurked in*
Nili: *laughs* Oh wait--
Sarah: o.o Pervy!

Nili: ... *digs up an old PoA*
Sarah: *is lost*
Nili: *giffs map*1
Sarah: One!
Nili: Way!
Paz: *shifteh neenja eyes*
ShiftyNeenjaEyes: *ish Sarah's sn*
Sarah: *thwacks Paz*
Paz: Ow?
Sarah: Shaddup, ok? Joo gunna give it away to ym stalkers?
Sarah's stalkers: *already KNOW her sn*
Risa: <.<
Nili: >.>
Paz: *eye roll*
Sarah: Seeeeee Esssss Eyeeeeeeee
Paz: Eeeeeeeeeeee Areee
Sarah: Kraft DINNER
Paz: Shaddup, ok?
Sarah: No?
Paz: Hai?
Sarah: Lie.
Paz: Si
Sarah: Nein
Paz: Oui
Sarah: nacht... which means night
Paz: *won*
Nili: o.o;;;
Sarah: *tells vampire stories*
Nili: *dies... from the chat*
Erika: *is signed on but AWOL*
Sarah: O.O
Paz: ... Situation Normal: All Fu.cked up...?
Sarah: *thinks she's God*
Paz: Fool
Aud: *has a hangover*
Risa: *appears* Hallo
Sarah: My cousin Julia, adopted an otter for her boyfriend, and named it Harry P. Get it? Harry P. Otter?
Paz: *has heard the story three times*
Nili: *watches illegal moobie*
Sarah: O.O; Bad Nili!
Nili: It was all ym braja
Paz: *sneezes*
Sarah: SMEX!
Paz: <.< >.>
Everyone: *tries to look at Paz's computer*
Teh smut: *magically disappears*
Paz: Um... what smut?
No one: *believes Paz is telling the truth*
Paz: Ssssssssssa

Julie and Erika: *sign on together*
Erika: *camps out on Nili's head*
Paz: Oi
PoA: *is my first*
Silence: *prevails*
Paz: Ssssssssssssa
PoA: *ends unbookedly*

[User Picture]From: peace_paz
2005-03-11 03:06 am (UTC)
I can't let this be forgotten!

The Aftermark: *attaches her homework deck to Nili's head, draws a curtain to keep out the craziness, and works like a manwoman*

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[User Picture]From: slytherisa
2005-03-11 10:01 am (UTC)
*snorts* You just HAD to rub it in...and poor Erika-pii can't reply...
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[User Picture]From: peace_paz
2005-03-17 02:34 am (UTC)
S'not my fault she can't

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