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Naty: *makes a pointless spam as its bored!* Bored: *has taken over… - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
PoA Craziness

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[Dec. 19th, 2004|12:38 am]
PoA Craziness


Naty: *makes a pointless spam as its bored!*
Bored: *has taken over Natys BRAIN!!*
Sarah: I'm hungeh!
Food: *hides in fear of being eaten*
Kefer: *runs in* CONSPIRACYYYYYYYY!!!!
Nili: Dude...your still doing that
Kefer: No...I was made too *sheeefty neeenja eyes*
Neeeenja eyes: *are shefty*
Sarah: *gets food and eats at parents ouse*
Sarah's parents computer: *criens from lack of aim*
Sarah: *stares*
Everyone: *misses Sarahs witty comments
Poa/Everyone shippers: OMG LIKE THE BEST!!!OMG!!!WTF!!!!111!!! *orgasms and dies*
Everyone: *stares*
People: *blink*
Risa: MOOSE!!
Kefer: *Shifteh niiinja eyes*
Naty: *types random crap while taking breaks to paint nails*
Nails: *are painted preeteh colours*
Nail varnish: *dries*
Naty: *gets bored again*
Bored worshippers: *bow and pray* Ohh YEAH OUR GOOOD!
God: *kicks bored* Woah Fo shinzet there mah pple *does some gangsta rappin*
Gangstars: *hang head in shame at the baaad gangsta*
Poa: *has gone off topic*
Naty: *is bored*
Jaime.:...*dialls 119*
IOU: *still works there and ignores call*
Jaime: Duuude!
James: *ish hungeh*
Sarah: *nags about eating pizza*
Nili: *calls ze pizza place in canada! and orders*
Pizza place: *picks up phone* Duude too far pffft to deliver!
Nili: ..w..t...f...Ish that you Tarty
Tarty: Yesh and its Julia when I'm working beech
Nili: >.> <.<
Naty: Dude!
Dude: Naty!
Naty: Dude!
Naty....dude ...!!
Nili: STOP!!!
James: *ish still hungeh*
Pizza place: *ish crap*
Poa: *ish bloody long!*
Naty: *ends and posts it in poa-ness lj thingeh as thinks its an ok poa*
Poa: DUDE!
Naty: POA!
Dude: POA!
poa:....*walks off*
Jaime: ...*stares* Hey the poa can't walk
Sarah: *snerks* Pfft....It can now
Naty: *just saw that flash*
Jaime: dude do you like live in the stone age
Naty: ehh nah
Jaime: Pffft ok then