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Kefer: *bored* Jill: *bored* Iou: *using photoshop* Dementors:… - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
PoA Craziness

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[Feb. 21st, 2005|01:40 pm]
PoA Craziness


Kefer: *bored*
Jill: *bored*
Iou: *using photoshop*
Dementors: *making funny noises in an empty chatroom*
Kefer: *yawns*
Jill: So...
Kefer: So...
Jill: Bored Much?
Kefer: Yes
Jill: Me too...
Kefer: I need food
Jill: You always need food.
Kefer: So?
Jill: You going to keep eating and eating till you a splode.
Kefer: ...yeahokwhatever
Jill: *calls the bored police*
Operator: Hey!
Jill: ...hi?
Operator: Whatcha want?
Kefer: *steals away the phone*
Operator: Hello?
Kefer: Yes, I'd like a Large Pizza, with extra cheese and pepperoni
Operator: *sweatdrop*
Kefer: How long will it take and how much?
Operator: 6 days, and $500
Kefer: Won't the pizza be cold by then?
Operator: If its there any earlier, you get it free.
Kefer: *sweatdrop*
Operator: So, where would you like me to send this pizza?
Kefer: 1234 Youraloser Lane
Operator: Ok, see you in 6 days.
Kefer: *hangs up* I thought that was supposed to be the bored police...
Operator: I was...
Jill: O.O How did you do that?
Operator: I've been here the whole time.
Operator: You should know who I am though. You have talked to me 3897984650984650983459847365987346528713010856 times before.
Sky: *squints eyes* Oh... uhh *doesn't see a difference* Kefer?
Kefer: Yes Sky... its me! *eye roll*
Kefer: *sweatdrop*
Sky: *becomes like a tree and leafs*
Iou: So, where is my $500?
Iou: Duh... Haven't we been through this?
Kefer: O.O;;;;;;; *dies*
Iou: Oops?
Jill: *steals Sky's shovel and begins to dig a hole*
Iou: *pokes Kefer*
Kefer: *is ALIVE*
Jill: *throws the shovel at Kefer*
Kefer: *dies*
Jill: *keeps digging*
Iou: *pokes Kefer again*
Kefer: *keeks Jill*
Jill: Aren't you dead?
Kefer: ...no?
Jill: Oh, ok.
Kefer: Muahahaha!
Jill: O.O
Iou: *keeps using photoshop*
Kefer: *pokes Iou*
Jill: *pokes Kefer*
PoA: *ends*