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Nyaa! - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Nyaa! [Mar. 4th, 2005|01:18 am]
PoA Craziness


[:: Feeling : |amusedKeekeekee]
[:: Listening To : |"Everlong" by Foo Fighters]

PoA Community: *is dominated by Nili*
Everyone: o.o;;;
Sarah: Sekrit...
Lav: Dominashun...
Sarah: >.>
Lav: <.<
Nili: ...Y'all. Are such. FREAKS.
Risa: *snorts*
Erika-pii: *snorts*
Risa: o.o
Erika-pii: o.o
Risa: Stop that!
Erika-pii: Sarika strikes again!
Everyone: ....
Erika-pii: I mean...Risika. >.>
Sarah & Risa: Yeah yeah, we know, we're like one entity.
Nili: o.o;
Kefer: . . .
Risa: Spacey dots!
Kefer: I like my dots spacey.
Jilly: *does too*
Sarah: *whirrs*
Everyone: O.o
Risa: Maybe we shouldn't talk about dots in front of Sarah...
Aud: *yawns* Why not?
Risa: She's in elipses therapy.
Aud: .....
Sarah: Dooooooooooooooooooooooooots.........
Nili: *eats the dots*
Sarah: Hey..
Risa: o.o
Sarah: Uh. +.
Jules: Hang in there Sarah.
Lav: You'll be making proper elipses in no time.
Sarah: Really..?
Nili: *facepalm*
Jules: Wow you haven't done that in a while.
Nili: Yeah well I figured the desk deserved a break.
Lian: ....okay...I'm gonna go watch Wolf's Rain now.
Wails: *resound*
Sarah: *stuffs a cookie in Risa's mouth to shut her up*
Risa: Mmmm...
Everyone: YAY SARAH!
Risa: Tch...
Jaime: Can I have a cookie too?
Sarah: Whyfore?
Jaime: Um...I got my driver's license!
Sarah: Oh yeah...YAAAAAAAY!!!! *bounces and giffs cookies*
Jamesy: Bouncing??? Girls???
Everyone: ...
Jamesy: <.< >.> *vamooses*
Vamoose: *sounds like a word Lav would use*
Lav: How do you know?
Risa: Um...I dunno...you use Mang don't you?
Lav: Mang! I made him what he is!
Mang: *sneaks off with Sarah's slutty muse*
Risa: Jebus...is there anyone that muse WON'T run off with?
Sarah: <.< >.>
Risa: *eyeroll*
Risa's New Mad Eye: *whirrs around wildly*
Nili: *gets dizzy*
PoA: *gets dizzy too*
Risa: Maybe I should put this one to rest now...
Sarah: *practices her dots in a corner* 1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3...
Nili: *bites a radnom person*
Pazzy: OWWW!!!
Risa: *can't think of how to end the time-killing PoA*
Jaime: *is too busy running down old men in her car to say the closing line this time*
Risa: *has Jamesy end it and goes to clean her eye*
Jamesy: "'Yahtzee!' And the mouse ate the cheese, and that was enough."

[User Picture]From: slytherisa
2005-03-05 09:10 am (UTC)


Dude...joo did the same eyes that time...
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