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The Wedding of MooZ - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The Wedding of MooZ [Jun. 8th, 2005|12:27 pm]
PoA Craziness


[:: Listening To : |"Save Me" by Unwritten Law]

Moody: :)

Risa: MOODY!!! How YOU doin'? And thanks for the new thread. Sarah, ready when you are.

Lian: *walks in and dies from over dollmaking*

Jools: Hey Moody, how are you? We're starting! Haleluja.

Sarah: Miiiiiiiiiiiiiikey-kun!!! Be priest!!! For the wedding! We're short an officiate!!

Moody: *has disappeared*

Nili: *will officiate*

Jools: *petses Lian*

Leigh: *loves upon Lian* Thank you so much, Lianith!!! *runs to the back of Besaid with her flower basket*

Sarah: *dives into Besaid* I'm ready when you are my fiance. No more waiting. They can come to the reception.

Nili: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I get to be the royal... er... groper? o.O

Aud: I'm here, I'm here.... *wanders into the room*

Lian: *drags her self up to the front and get ready* *is a bridesmaid for those who don't know...*

Jamesy: *sits in the corner all nekkid and drunk like*

Sarah: *kicks Jamesy* I refuse to let you give me away nekkid and drunk like.

Paz: *wanders in and throws a bag over Jamesy's head*

Risa: Off to a good start I see!

Leigh: *loves on Molly's dress*

Sarah: *hangs out by the food table while she waits*

Jools: *walks in and sits on the bride side*

Paz: I feel all left out and kimono-less. I suppose we've got the ethnic thing going on. Something went wrong with my coloring and now it looks like I'm glowing or something. Which one is which, Julia? O.o

Sarah: *points to the left* That's the bride's side. *points to the right* And that's the bride's side. Dur.

Aud: A glow? *snorts and doesn't say anything...*

Jools: That's the point exactly. If I don't say which bride, I don't have to pick favourites.

Sarah: You could just block the aisle Jools.

Jools: Good idea. *blocks the aisle until the ceremony begins*

Leigh: *can't...stop...laughing*

Paz: *joins Julia* ... Hiiii Julia.

Jools: Howdy, Paz. Que passa?

Risa: *steals some frosting off the cake while waiting*

Aud: Bad Risa. No eating the frosting until AFTER the wedding.

Sarah: *munches some sausage puffs and gets crumbs on her dress*

Risa: Pfft...s'my wedding cake, innit? *brushes Sarah off* >.>

Sarah: <.< Sank yuu... And yuh... it's our perogative to when and how we eat it.

Lian: You get anything on those dresses and I will shoot you. *pulls gun out of kimono*

Aud: O_O; *moves away from Lian*

Erika: *skids in* I'M HERE! <.< Dressless. >.>

}}}}Editor's Note: HOMG so many nekkid people!{{{{

Paz: Erm... just hanging out. Yanno, at the wedding... *covers her eyes* CLOTHES, Erika, clothes.

Nili: Um... I guess I'm supposed to be running this thing. *Clears her throat*
LADIES AND DRUNK!JAMESY! Welcome to the Marriage of Sarah and Risa. Please all be seated at... those chairs *Points* and try not to fall into the gravy pool until the reception. We will begin very shortly.
*Fences off the mercury pool*

Lian: *drags Aud up* You and I are bridesmaids.

Aud: *stands next to Lian* Yay. I love being the bridesmaid.

Risa: OKAY I THINK WE'RE ALL HERE. Gods we know too many people. =P Thank you Nili.

Leigh: *smeeps in the back while the thing gets under way*

Sarah: *stuffs some sausage puffs into her cleavage for later*

Paz: *plants herself firmly in the middle of the aisle* Stand strong, Julia.

Jools: *tries to jump into the mercury pool but can't*
*sulks and takes a seat on the bride's side*

Risa: *adjusts self and gets ready to walk down the aisle* Psst, Sarah...your sausage puffs are sticking out.

Paz:*yanks Julia outta her seat*

Erika: Er........... *runs out of the room for a second*

Jamesy: Sausageeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Cleavageeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah: *adjusts her sausage puffs* Sank yuu my fiance. *stands next to her*
JAAAAAAAAAAAMESY! Get jor drunk arse here now...

Lian: Sarah. *pulls out shot gun threateningly* Remember, any stain on that dress...

Sarah: Shpff... I never stain things... it means food got wasted...

Leigh: Wait! Dun't me and Kefie go down first?

}}}}Editor's Note: How pervy does THAT sound?{{{{

Lian: You had better not. *Glares* Yesm flower girl and Ring bearer go first.

Jools: O.o *stands firmly next to Paz* My bad. Got a little depressed because of the mercury pool being fenced off.

Paz: Nevermind *gives up, sinks Julia and herself into a seat, saves a seat for Erika and dies laughing at Jamesy*

Erika: *skids back in and falls into a chair* Am I not part of the ceremony?

Paz: *says in a really loud whisper* SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh Erika, it started!

Nili: Of course, my wife. ^_^ Now... To get to the most important part. And no, that is not the cake, Sarah! *Glares*
Now presenting Kefer and Leigh. *Waits for them to walk down the aisle*

Feefer: *goes down first*
*bears the rings*

Leigh: *whispers to Kefie as they walk* Skillz! *throws petals*

Sarah: *sulks* Cake is important...

Risa: You'll have cake soon, my love. *watches procession*

Jools: *observes from the benches* Sooo pretty.

Paz: Which one? The bride or the bride?

Jools: *whispers* Both?

Nili: Next is Erika, giving away the lovely Risa. *Listens as the pretty marriage music plays*

Erika: *runs to the back wherever Risa is and latches on to her* Yeah...nooooooooo idea what's going on.
O Happy Day! <.<

Risa: *hooks arm with Erika's and is led down the aisle to the altar* Psst...hiiiiii Nili! ^.^

Sarah: *fidgits and sneaks a sausage puff from her cleavage*

Leigh: *hisses across the room* Mommy! We can see you!

Jamesy: Where do I go!?!? I'M NEKKID!!!!! >.>
Someone, tell me what's going on? There seems to be a wedding going on?

Erika: *leads Risalove down the aisle to the front and gives her away with a nice hug and a stolen sausage from Sarah*
*sits down*

Nili: Hiiiii, Risa.
o.O; *Glares at Sarah, making her pay attention* Finally, we have Jamesy, Giving away the last fiance, Sarah.
*Waits for them to walk*

Paz: *oohes and aahes and eyes the food table*
*whispers to Julia* Do they have Firewhiskey?

Jools:*looks over at the table and doesn't see any* They better have some or I'm gonna peace out.

Sarah: *meeps and brushes away crumbs... waves to Leelee*
*hooks arms with Jamesy and drags him down the aisle towards Risa*

Leigh: *waves back with the hand not holding the basket*

Aud: *is standing by Lian*

Jamesy: *is dragged along by sausagey-cleavaged sarah* THIS IS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!!!!!

Feefer: *is still bearing rings*

Paz: *has her samurai sword strapped to her leg, under her dress*
*whispers to Sarah as they go by* DO YOU HAVE FIREWHISKEY?

Nili: Dearly beloved.. we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Risa and Sarah in matrimony or whatnot.
Alright, everyone SHADDAP. It's time for the bride and bride to say their vows.

Leigh: *starts crying* Mommy, she told me to shaddup!

Erika: *nudges Courtney and stuffs her mouth with pretzels so she doesn't feel the wrath of Nili's angriness*

Jools: Like whoa. *shuts up like no one's business*

Jamesy: So hungry..... Need.... sausages.....

}}}}Editor's Note: I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING.{{{{

Paz: *glares at Nili cause she made her charge cry and contemplates attacking her*

Sarah: *petses her dotter* Officiate. Fook uff... Dun tell her to shaddup.
I wanna say my vowels first. *clears throat*
I have known Risa for a long time now. And we get along well so I know you all will wish us well.
And sometimes y...

Erika: *sniffs* Such beautiful vowels...that y really touched me...
Paz: Touching Ys! I mean...<.< >.>

Nili: o.o;; *Emails Leigh some love* Thank you, Sarah. Risa?

Risa: Short but sweet. And you even remembered y.
Sarah...well, this was inevitable. See you in Utah. MTB!

Leigh: *stops crying and plans to love on Molly, Mommy, and the Officiate after the ceremony*

Erika: *snorts*

Nili: *Smiles* That was beautiful.... Do you, Sarah, take Risa to be your lawfully (at least in Utah) wedded wife?

Sarah: Do I have a cho-- I mean, yuh.

Nili: Yuh THIS. >.> And do you, Risa, take Sarah to be your kinda-lawfully wedded wife?

Risa: I am influentialllll. Yuh I do. *gets ready to skip*

Erika: *gets ready to whip out the Slow Motion Skipping Machine with Happy Movie Music*

Nili: I proudly pronounce you wife and wife. You may grope each other and skip in that direction. *Points* The rest of you, make over to the foooooood.

Paz: *ooohes and aaahes again* FIREWHISKEY!

Aud: *oooohes and aaaaahes... passes the food and goes to her errands*

Leigh: *runs around giving random guests a hug*

Risa: YYA!!! *skips to Utah with Sarah*
*stops by the food table*

Sarah: *gropes and skips in THAT direction, for a second, then heads for the food*

}}}}Editor's Note: See? MTB!{{{{

Jools: *takes pictures of the gopring and skipping* Woot! Sarah and Risa OTP!!!

Erika: *cranks out the slow motion skipping with happy music*

Jamesy: YAY!!!!!!!!!! Best wedding EVER!!!!! *does nekkid cartwheels over to the food*

Jools: Food! *rushes over*
*takes some pictures of Jamesy doing the cartwheels*

Sarah: *sells the nekkid Jamesy pics on Ebay to finance her honeymoon*

Leigh: *nibbles her new step-maja*

Jools: Stealer! Those were mah pictures. But I guess I could give them to you as a wedding present. Enjoy.

Risa: Oooh good idea, new-wife. *petses new step-daughter*

Paz: Leigh, I think I'm somehow related to you. You're Risa's step-daugter. Risa is married to Erika, who is married to me.
Conclusion: You are my... step-daughter-in-law-in-law or something and Erika sleeps around. <.<

Risa: This is why I never got into family trees. Sarah! Come and cut the cake!!!

Sarah: Nyah? *cuts the cake and makes a big slice for herself*

Risa: Well that was INSANE. *packs up half the food and skips to her house in Utah*

Paz: Fooooooooooood... Wait! Risa! Question.

Risa: *pauses mid-stride* Yus?

Paz: The house you are going to? Is it Erika's too?

Risa: Yeah...it's a giant mansion. Many wings.

Paz: Does that make it mine too?

Risa: Not if you're only married to one person. Polygamists Mansion, hello. There are cottages in back for the singles though.

Paz: But- But... Oh. *smiles and walks out*

Risa: O.o Bye...Paz... *shrugs and skips to her Utah mansion*

...*where they lived happily ever after*


[User Picture]From: tartaruga139
2005-06-08 09:09 pm (UTC)
Risa, you're amazing for posting all of this.

*loves on you*
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: slytherisa
2005-06-09 06:51 pm (UTC)
Mooha. *loves Jools*
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: slytherisa
2005-06-09 06:52 pm (UTC)

*mainly posted it so Nili could memory it* >.>
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sarcasmking
2005-08-04 06:12 pm (UTC)
Psst, Sarah...your sausage puffs are sticking out.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: peace_paz
2005-09-24 10:32 pm (UTC)
Homg... so random!me

Leigh: Wait! Dun't me and Kefie go down first!

}}}}Editor's Note: How pervy does THAT sound? {{{{

LMAO! I love you Risa!
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