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Nili: *is leaving EVERYONE* Lav: Well, 'cept me 'cause of my poem… - PoA Craziness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
PoA Craziness

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[Jun. 16th, 2005|09:49 pm]
PoA Craziness


Nili: *is leaving EVERYONE*
Lav: Well, 'cept me 'cause of my poem writing skillllllllz
Sarah: You both can't leave. Who will be my slaves wives?
Nili: Wife THIS!
Lav: Wife your FACE!
Jill: Wife your MOM!
Kefer: Whose mom?
Sarah: I'm in paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
Lav: *does her slave wifely duties and massages the foot*
Sarah: Saaaaank yoooooooou. Get me stuff.
Lav: *arranges a pulley system*
Sarah/Lav Shippers: She made a pulley system! YUS!
Lav: Dude...we're MARRIED
Lav/Nili Shippers: W...TF? Lav and Nili were SO MEANT TO BE! This is just a ruse! A ruse, I tell you!
Nili: ....I think I could be married to Lav...and not know it, what with all the marriages.
Lav: It could be true. Except I know I'm the only monogomos (monogamos...monogomas...monogomous...how the feesh is it spelled?) one in the chat.
Nili: Right, right.
Jill and Sarah: *Make up ridiculous rules why Nili can't leave*
Lav: *laughs at them*
Sarah: *is still on an icon binge...probably*
Lav: *is not good at this, and stops*